King Alfred’s Way is titled as a “350km circular off-road adventure route” by its creators Cycling UK. Starting and finishing in Winchester, the final resting place of King Alfred himself, it winds an enchanting dance through emerald fields and forests, along ancient rivers and canals and through the midst of historical castles and forts.

The creators of this route have accomplished something incredible here by piecing together such a quiet and relaxing route through the midst of one of the most heavily populated regions in all of Britain. Over the course of the four days I was on the route, it was only when crossing the busy cities of Reading and Farnham that I was shaken out of my peaceful trance induced by hours of tranquil off-road cycling through the midst of the English countryside.

If you are looking to take on the route yourself, a full GPX file and an online guidebook can be found on Cycling UKs official website:

King Alfred’s Way Route Map – Source: Cycling UK



Day 1: Winchester to Smeathe’s Ridge Wild Camp – 119km

Day 2: Smeathe’s Ridge Wild Camp to Reading – 77km

Day 3: Reading to Hindhead – 78km

Day 4: Hindhead to Winchester – 82km

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