As you have made it here, I assume you have bought a copy of my first book detailing my attempt to cycle around the world: At the Whim of the Open Road. If so, thank you!

Alternatively, if you have illegally downloaded a copy of the e-book, then shame on you! Nah, just kidding, money is tight these days and I’m just happy someone is reading it, so I hope you enjoy it as well!

Due to the high printing costs of photos (and Amazon even charging per megabyte for delivery of ebooks), I have decided to instead direct you to this series of online galleries.

Below are fifty of my favourite photos which show off some of the incredible scenes I was fortunate enough to witness during my wild journey from Limerick to Sydney.

Fifty photos is probably more than enough, however if you want a more detailed glimpse into my daily life on the road, feel free to click on the “Photos by Chapter” link below. This will bring you to a series of more detailed albums, split into the 19 chapters of my book. If you want to view photos of my journey while reading the book, this would be the best option.

All galleries are available both on this website and on Flickr, so you can pick whichever version you find easier to navigate. If using this website, clicking on any photo will open a gallery where you can navigate through each album by using left/right arrows.

Links to each gallery are below. I hope you enjoy!

Photos by Chapter (Website Version | Flickr Galleries)

Fifty Photos of my Journey from Limerick to Sydney (Flickr Gallery Version)

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