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Section 1: Europe

Chapter 1: Casting Aside the Safety Net (Limerick to Rosslare, Ireland)

Chapter 2: Harsh Beginnings (Cherbourg, France to Görlitz, Germany)

Chapter 3: An Icy, yet Warm Welcome (Görlitz, Germany to Moldova-Romania Border)

Chapter 4: Bulgarian Blues (Moldova-Romania Border to Burgas, Bulgaria)

Chapter 5: To the Very Edge of Europe (Burgas, Bulgaria to Istanbul, Turkey)

Section 2: Middle East & Central Asia

Chapter 6: Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Yalova to Göreme, Turkey)

Chapter 7: On Edge in Bandit Country (Göreme to Dogubayazıt, Turkey)

Chapter 8: Hiding from the Hospitality (Dogubayazıt, Turkey to Sarakhs, Iran)

Chapter 9: The Modern Challenges of the Silk Road (Sarakhs, Iran to Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

Chapter 10: Breathless in the Pamirs (Dushanbe, Tajikistan to Kyzyl-Art Pass, Kyrgyzstan)

Chapter 11: ‘Look at that Beard, you Could be from ISIS!’ (Kyzyl-Art Pass, Kyrgyzstan to Kosh-Agach, Russia)

Section 3: East & South-East Asia

Chapter 12: Game Over (Kosh-Agach, Russia to Olgii, Mongolia) (Warning: some mildly graphic content)

Chapter 13: The Long Road to Recovery (Olgii, Mongolia to Almaty, Kazakhstan) (Warning: some mildly graphic content)

Chapter 14: The Chinese Chase – Act 1 (Almaty, Kazakhstan to Lanzhou, China)

Chapter 15: The Chinese Chase – Act 2 (Lanzhou, China to Ban Bo Piat, Laos)

Chapter 16: Life in Colour (Ban Bo Piat, Laos to Singapore)

Chapter 17: Idyllic Isles and Welcoming Tribes (Kuching, Malaysian Borneo to Dili, East Timor)

Section 4: Australia

Chapter 18: The Red Centre (Darwin to Leigh Creek, Australia)

Chapter 19: The Most Difficult of Choices (Leigh Creek to Sydney, Australia)

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