A Dash Across the Middle East – May 2011

The below blog posts cover my 1,500-kilometre cycle from a post-revolution Egypt to the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. This was my first taste of cycle touring outside of Europe and due to the post-revolution power vacuum in Egypt at the time, it made for an excitement-filled journey across this small portion of the Middle East.

Route Map

The final 1,529-kilometre route from Alexandria, Egypt to Amman, Jordan


Introduction: Plan B – Alexandria to Amman


Pyramid Overload

Old Cairo & Islamic Cairo

Day 1: Alexandria – Mastarouh: A Great First Night

Day 2: Mastarouh – New Dumyat: Egyptian Humour

Day 3: New Dumyat – Port Said: Me? A spy?

Day 4: Port Said – Ismailia: A Bad Day on the Highway

Day 5: Ismailia – Ras Sudr: Reaching the Sinai Peninsula

Day 6: Ras Sudr – Abu Zenima: Short Day in the Desert

Day 7: Abu Zenima – El Tor: Breaking Point

Day 8: El Tor – Sharm el Sheikh: The Difference a Day Makes

Day 9: Sharm el Sheikh – Dahab: From One Resort to Another

Day 10: Dahab – Nuweiba: A Relaxing Last Day in Egypt

Day 11: Nuweiba – Aqaba: Crossing From Egypt to Jordan


Day 12: Aqaba – Wadi Rum: Side Visit to Wadi Rum

Day 13: Wadi Rum – Wadi Musa: Reaching the Rose Red City

Day 14: Rest Day: Exploring Petra

Day 15: Wadi Musa – Karak: Speeding Along the King’s Highway

Day 16: Karak – Dead Sea: Descending to the Lowest Point on Earth!

Day 17: Dead Sea – Madaba: The Only Way is Up

Day 18: Madaba – Amman Airport: Leaving the Middle East

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