Cycling Morocco’s Mountains and Deserts – April 2013

The below blog posts cover my 1,230-kilometre tour around Morocco from Agadir, over the High Atlas mountains, down to the Sahara and back again over the Anti Atlas mountains.

Route Map

The final 1,230-kilometre route around southern Morocco




Day 1: Agadir Airport to Tafingoult

Day 2: Tafingoult to Ouirgane

Day 3: Ouirgane to Toufliat

Day 4: Toufliat to Ait Benhaddou

Day 5: Ait Benhaddou to Agdz

Day 6: Agdz to Zagora

Day 7: Into the Sahara

Day 8: Zagora to Bou Rbia

Day 9: Bou Rbia to Tissint

Day 10: Tissint to Tata

Day 11: Tata to Igherm

Day 12: Igherm to Tafraoute

Day 13: Tafraoute to Ait Baha Region

Day 14: Ait Baha Region to Agadir Airport

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